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TLW Construction, Inc has specialized in light commercial and self-storage construction since 1981 with completed projects now totaling several million square feet. We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our projects and take great care in ensuring the satisfaction of the owner.
Our completed projects include retail, industrial, shell construction and tenant improvement. In particular, we have extensive experience as a general contractor in all self-storage types including single story, multi-story, climate control, RV and Boat, expansions, conversions, renovations and in using all construction materials including tilt concrete, masonry, and all metal.
Experience is critical in the planning phase of any development. What is shown in the contract documents ultimately is what will be built. Design flaws create functional obsolescence, costly mid project corrections and lost time. TLW Construction is able work with architects and engineers to bring its extensive knowledge to bear during the planning and design phase to promote cost and time efficiency in design and construction.
TLW excels at delivering quality, efficient projects. We provide the necessary leadership, administration and management to ensure a successful project, whether it is a multi-story class A storage facility or a small neighborhood retail center. TLW is skilled at working with our building partners throughout the various phases of a project (planning, design and construction) with a desire to further the interests of our clients.

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