TLW Shield

The Shield


TLW Construction models its approach to people and projects upon the company logo, the TLW Shield. The Shield is divided into two distinct, yet significant and symbolic parts, the Lion and the Mastiff Hound.
The Lion is from the Williams family crest and represents both physical and moral strength. At TLW Construction, we demand the utmost in honesty and moral integrity from the newest hires to the company president. We also demand quality, durability, and strength in all we build.
The Mastiff Hound is from the Hunsaker family crest (the Williams Maternal Ancestry) and represents bravery and loyalty. TLW Construction commits itself to loyalty to contracts and promises it makes with owners, subcontractors, vendors, and employees. Our word is our bond.
In short, the TLW Construction shield and logo represent the traditional values that are often missing in today’s business world. We at TLW Construction have consistently applied these principles since 1981.

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