Ted and Tarik have developed and own a number of commercial projects on their own account and bring the unique perspective of an owner to assist TLW clients through the development process. They combine their varied backgrounds with that of their personnel to provide the leadership, foresight, and experience necessary to make each project a success.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams established a legacy of integrity at TLW Construction as its founder and president.  Ted is a graduate of accounting from Brigham Young University.  He is a trusted leader in his community where he has served as Mesa Symphony President, District Governor of Rotary, and as a leader in Boy Scout programs.  Ted’s expertise in self-storage construction is widely recognized throughout the Southwest.  He has served as a Board Member and Treasurer of the Arizona Self-Storage Association (AZSA) and was recently awarded the Pioneer Award by the AZSA.

Tarik Williams

Tarik Williams is the Vice President of TLW Construction where he is responsible for overall company management.  Tarik graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Construction Management at Arizona State University.  Tarik has authored multiple articles in industry publications and been the keynote speaker at industry conventions.  Tarik is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Self-Storage Association.

Blake Pfaff

Blake Pfaff is Vice President of Construction at TLW where he oversees all areas of active projects including project controls, financial efficiency, job productivity, quality, safety and client satisfaction. He is an Arizona native with over 20 years of experience in a number of different construction types including commercial, industrial, self-storage, multifamily, multilevel condominium, hotel, and custom homes. He is dedicated to leading the TLW project teams to provide excellent service and high-quality results on each project. He has a unique ability to lead the TLW team in its work with owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and city/state officials to face any challenge with a solutions-driven mindset and high values in such a way as to bring about the best potential outcome. Blake is a family man and an avid outdoorsman that enjoys sharing his passion for backpacking, fishing, and camping with his wife and their three children.

Curtis Ryan

Curtis is Vice President of Finance at TLW where he oversees all areas of financial control including AP/AR, financial projections and recording, taxation, lien processes, subcontractor financial qualification, insurances, bonds, and banking relationships. He has a passion for accounting, family, and faith. He has been the in-house controller and CPA for TLW Construction since 2004.  The completeness, and accuracy of TLW CPA-reviewed payment applications has earned the company accolades and recommendations from banking and 3rd party fund control agencies. Curtis put himself through college while working full time at a small tax/accounting firm and raising a family with his wife Heidi. He is a graduate of University of Phoenix with a BS in Accounting and a licensed CPA in the State of Arizona. He has a wide range of accounting experience, most of which, center around the construction industry. His core values include integrity, service, and accuracy. Outside of work, Curtis strengthens and helps support the community. He has served as an HOA board member and is actively involved in coaching youth sports.

Devan Williams

Devan Williams is Vice President of Preconstruction Services at TLW Construction. He began as an intern at TLW, gradually taking on more responsibility and learning the business from its founder, Ted, and through its evolution with Tarik.  Devan graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Construction Management at Arizona State University.  Devan works with each owner and developer to bring their development goals to fruition. He is dedicated to the success of each of TLW’s clients, and uses his wide range of skills for the benefit of each project.

Corporate Review

TLW Construction, Inc has specialized in light commercial and self-storage construction since 1981 with completed projects now totaling several million square feet. We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our projects and take great care in ensuring the satisfaction of the owner. Our completed projects include retail, industrial, shell construction, and tenant improvement.

In particular, we have extensive experience as a general contractor in all self-storage types including single-story, multi-story, climate control, RV and Boat, expansions, conversions, renovations and in using all construction materials including tilt concrete, masonry, and all metal. Experience is critical in the planning phase of any development. What is shown in the contract documents ultimately is what will be built.

Design flaws create functional obsolescence, costly mid project corrections and lost time. TLW Construction is able work with architects and engineers to bring its extensive knowledge to bear during the planning and design phase to promote cost and time efficiency in design and construction. TLW excels at delivering quality, efficient projects. We provide the necessary leadership, administration and management to ensure a successful project, whether it is a multi-story class A storage facility or a small neighborhood retail center. TLW is skilled at working with our building partners throughout the various phases of a project (planning, design and construction) with a desire to further the interests of our clients.

The Shield

TLW Construction models its approach to people and projects upon the company logo, the TLW Shield. The Shield is divided into two distinct, yet significant and symbolic parts, the Lion and the Mastiff Hound.

The Lion is from the Williams family crest and represents both physical and moral strength. At TLW Construction, we demand the utmost in honesty and moral integrity from the newest hires to the company president. We also demand quality, durability, and strength in all we build.
The Mastiff Hound is from the Hunsaker family crest (the Williams Maternal Ancestry) and represents bravery and loyalty. TLW Construction commits itself to loyalty to contracts and promises it makes with owners, subcontractors, vendors, and employees. Our word is our bond.

In short, the TLW Construction shield and logo represent the traditional values that are often missing in today’s business world. We at TLW Construction have consistently applied these principles since 1981.