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Design Build

Design Build

Increasingly, many owners are utilizing the design/build process, where an owner does not have to dedicate, develop, or commit personnel resources to the process of selection and management of a design and construction team. TLW has the ability to be responsible for the entire design and construction process. With the needs of the owner in mind, TLW supervises the overall architectural, engineering, bidding, contracting, building and inspection from the beginning to the end of the project.

Pre-Construction Services

TLW believes in comprehensive pre-construction planning. Utilizing our own in-house expertise, we bring together our construction project team, the owner, architect, consultants and major subcontractors to discuss effective strategies for communication, site layout and conditions, value engineering, constructibility, cost/schedule studies, and procurement of long lead time items, as well as plans for safety, productivity, quality control and testing.

Value Engineering

TLW’s expertise during the design and review process is one of the ways we can save owners money. Value engineering involves critical evaluations of the many elements of a building to determine if there are other products or systems that provide savings while ensuring quality. TLW personnel will also examine the projected costs of materials and construction operations and will conduct constructability reviews as part of the value engineering evaluation.

Cost Plus

Some owners prefer to make a very early selection of a contractor in order to include them in the various design phases of the project. We have found that the most ideal relationship in this situation is the Cost-Plus agreement in which the project bidding, books, documents, and costs are open for owner review and the contractor simply earns a fee in excess of the direct costs of the project.

General Contracting

Some experienced developers will have already assembled his or her design team and completed that design before the selection of a contractor. TLW is successful as a competitive bidder and participant in the traditional “design, bid, build” construction delivery system. This process requires skilled estimating, securing of responsible and competitive subcontractors and establishing responsible and fair fees. We pride ourselves on our ability to select the best subcontractors and positively motivate them to perform to their highest standards. Our estimators are proficient, competitive and knowledgeable of the dynamic market conditions, keeping TLW Construction informed and prepared to participate in competitive market bids.


TLW is open to discussion of partnering on new developments.  We understand that this is not ideal or necessary for all developers, but for those who wish to bring on a partner with extensive experience or to strengthen a resume for bank financing, Ted and Tarik are great options.